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An Eco Friendly Wedding

Yes you can stay green and have a lavish wedding… let us give you some great ideas to have an eco friendly wedding that makes you happy to have also made a remarkable contribution to the planet while you derive a lifetime of happiness from it!

  • Invitation cards: Get your invitation cards made out of recycled paper in beautiful textures and designs. Get them printed using vegetable ink and other organic paints and mention at the corner that these cards are eco friendly so that you spread the message. Each one who adopts the idea will earn you goodness!
  • Decor: Place beautiful soy candles around and use different sized seashells to decorate the venue. Replace the conventional candies with organic chocolates and also replace the flower arrangements with fresh pots with blooming beautiful flowers and dwarf trees if you desire.
  • Food: Have a pure vegetarian food served and include a lot of salads. Avoid paper plates or parallels.
  • Give Aways: This will be the most generous gesture of yours towards nature! Gift all your guests eco friendly stuff like small plants, organic wax candle sets, bamboo coasters etc.

So this way you can have a green wedding and you are sure to feel great about it while also spreading awareness! And you can do more… plan your honeymoon to a Wildlife destination and enjoy the beauty of nature!


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