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Bridal wear with style!

Bridal fashion does not change much except fabric trends but there are creations awaiting you at Shakuntalam that have redefined bridal couture!

This chain of bridal wear is dedicated to the modern woman, who wants her outfits for the d-day and related days to be unconventional, gorgeous and high on style!

With the brilliant blend of excellent fabrics, ethnic designs and exquisite range here’s your one stop shop for Indian designer suits, sarees and lehenga cholis. The spectrum of colours and trendsetting styles at Shakuntalam are to die for!

The designs are ethnic while the cuts and style is modern and this fusion looks simply out of this world. With amazing embroidery and beaded work the collection of traditional wear at Shakuntalam is what you need for your wedding.

With stores located at Gurgaon, Rajouri Garden, Lajpat Nagar and Rohini, Shakuntalam is spreading the colours of dazzling bridal wear across the city. So if you are planning to go out shopping for your wedding dress and related outfits, Shakuntalam is the ideal pick for the modern Indian bride.

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What makes Saree the most sensual drape?

What is so special about the Indian traditional attire that it makes a woman look so desirable and elegant? Saree is worn by women at everyday events, functions and weddings and we even see Bollywood actresses wearing the 9 yards long drape to look their best at various award functions. Infact, we saw Nandita Das,  Kajol and more recently Deepika Padukone wearing a Saree at international film festivals too with an extra feel of representing India..

The crux of the debate is the versatility of the garment. The Saree preserves the Indian heritage of dressing modestly and yetthere are various ways in which Saree can be worn to give you different looks! We see politicians, officials, and social workers wear Sarees to look traditional and subtle while the same costume draped differently can make her look voluptuous and sensational!

Sarees can be found in various fabrics and styles. While a cotton Saree is for a subtle look, chiffon and georgette Sarees can accentuate your shape with their clinging drape.. Silk sarees are preferred for occasions and mainly used in South India while Banarasi sarees are known for their royalty and elegance.

The Marathi bride wears a traditional green Saree with red border which is a part of the customs in the region. So we see Saree is an integral part of the Indian culture and undoubtedly the best way to dress for any occasion… so next time you are confused about what to wear for a wedding… you have the answer ready!

Kiss away the Bridal Blues!

There are a zillion things to worry about when wedding is around the corner but you really can’t afford to miss out on the most special days of your life! Let the worries fly and we’ll help you do this…

  • Be a part of the fun: So while your friends and cousins sing and dance and you are one of the many people sitting around clapping and staring at them? Well then you need to get up and join! It is important to be a part of the pre wedding celebrations and don’t forget this is all happening for you! You are the reason and you deserve to enjoy every bit of it.
  • Dress up for every day: You did spend hours deciding what to wear for the wedding but you need to do the same for the other days as well… give yourself the importance that a to-be bride deserves and look into every minute detail for hat you will be wearing at mehndi, sangeet, engagement and all pre wedding functions to be. Dress to your best because these re the memories you will look back to very often and this is the time you can enjoy being the celebrity!
  • Don’t get scared: Agony aunts, frustrated creatures and various other elements of the society may come to you with all sorts of advices, warnings, objections and suggestions. Give due respect to what they say but do not let anything affect you! Nothing can go wrong because Mrs so and so feels it will! Have faith in your relationship and your personality. You cannot pretend for too long in the new environment you are going to be in so don’t even try. Be yourself and believe in yourself!

The last few days when you are at the crossroads of marriage, the heart seems to be filled with mixed emotions. The best way to deal with this is to actively participate in all that is going around… the fun the songs the games and these days will soon turn into everlasting memories!


Would you want Karan Johar to design for your wedding?

After designing clothes for his close friend and superstar Shah Rukh Khan for over twelve years, Karan Johar swept all by surprise as he entered into full fledged costume designing last year with his clothing line launch at HDIL India Couture Week. After huge successes in direction and film production, Karan has added another feather to his cap with a remarkably good collection. The show was a huge success, as expected and the most memorable part of it was to see SRk walking with his beloved wife Gauri Khan on the ramp sporting a KJo creation!

After a gap of about five months, Karan stormed back with his fresh lot! Karan Johar and Varun Bahl revealed their latest menswear collection at Aza in Mumbai last month. The suits are chic and wearable for formal and casual events as well as by the grooms!

The collection was consisting of all basic men’s pallete ingredients like Whites, Grey, Blue, Black and Beige. The subtle suits were paired with bright shirts and ties which balanced the look of the collection!

The evening saw quite a few celebrities who embraced the launch with their presence to encourage the fresh duo! Rahul Khanna, Qeenie Dhodhy and a couple of designers were seen.

The collection is available with Aza boutique in Mumbai. So if it has been your dream to look just the way Shahrukh did in his movies, you got a chance here!

Sabyasachi captures the essence of Traditional clothing!

While some may think fashion is all about skin show and skimpy outfits… there are some who beg to differ! We are talking about Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the infamous Indian designer who made a mark in the world of fashion by retaining the essence of traditional clothing and proving himself on the standards of contemporary fashion.

Sabyaachi has set up his first flagship store in the NCR at Mehrauli.  The designer has feathers of success like Paa, Aishwarya Rais’s look on Opera Winfrey’s show, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzarish and many more to count! Sabyasachi’s bridal collection, better known as Bridal Sutra is the most awaited show each year at the Lakme Fashion Week!

Sabyasachi has been designing for Bollywood for quite many years and most recently he has been working on Aishwarya Rais’s look for her forthcoming movie Raavana. His fan list has big names like Rani Mukherjee but one of the most remarkable achievements of Sabyasachi has been the reincarnation of Vidya Balan as a fashion diva! The actress who was officially labelled “Worst Dressed” not much time back has now become one amongst the most well dressed and stylish celebrities. The credit goes to the designer who made it possible for her!

Sabyasachi’s designs are ruled by Golden and deep colours that adds to the enigma of a woman and brings about the true Indian beauty dressed with royalty and vanity! Antique work, thick borders and contrasting shades are the designer’s style. The designer admits that red and bottle green are his favourite colours and no wonder we get to see most of these in bridal wear! Sabyasachi sticks to natural fabrics and loved designing in textures and embroidery.


Bridal Jewellery spells Gitanjali!

In the world of Bridal Jewellery, Gitanjali has given us numerous brands that match the taste and choice of every bride! Let us take a look at the various brands under the umbrella of Gitanjali and what is special in each for you!

Nakshatra: This one is surely the most popular amongst all the brands, partially because of the brand ambassador controversies surrounding it and mostly because the collection is such that appeals to all segments of the society! Imaginative designs, detailed craftsmanship and gleaming attraction is what makes this collection the perfect choice!

DDamas: Indian aesthetics taken to the international level… D’damas is the joint brand of Gitanjali and Dubai based D’Damas brand. This brand offers delicate collection in diamond studded gold jewellery, ideal for bridal shopping.

Sangini: This one will help you find the right anniversary gift! The collection has beautiful rings and pendants designed as a cluster of small round diamonds in a gold base.

Asmi: This is the brand that celebrates womanhood and pledges to adorn the new age Indian woman. The jewellery has a delicate and feminine look that adds a delicate touch to the strength and grace of a strong woman.

Rivaaz: if you look for light weight delicate designs… this is the brand for you! 18k gold jewellery with signity cubic zirconia. Ethnic yet modern… that is the essence of the collection!

Gili: Gili was the first Indian Jewellery Brand launched in 1994 that redefined the jewellery paradigm from an occasional need to the need for every occasion! The collection mostly has modern fine-looking designs for casual wear!

Other brands under the Gitanjali umbrella are Diya, Lucera, Calgaro, Stefan hafner, Maya, Kashvi, Desire and Rosatto.

So if you are on a look out for bridal jewellery or even for other occasions… you know exactly where to drop in!


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An Eco Friendly Wedding

Yes you can stay green and have a lavish wedding… let us give you some great ideas to have an eco friendly wedding that makes you happy to have also made a remarkable contribution to the planet while you derive a lifetime of happiness from it!

  • Invitation cards: Get your invitation cards made out of recycled paper in beautiful textures and designs. Get them printed using vegetable ink and other organic paints and mention at the corner that these cards are eco friendly so that you spread the message. Each one who adopts the idea will earn you goodness!
  • Decor: Place beautiful soy candles around and use different sized seashells to decorate the venue. Replace the conventional candies with organic chocolates and also replace the flower arrangements with fresh pots with blooming beautiful flowers and dwarf trees if you desire.
  • Food: Have a pure vegetarian food served and include a lot of salads. Avoid paper plates or parallels.
  • Give Aways: This will be the most generous gesture of yours towards nature! Gift all your guests eco friendly stuff like small plants, organic wax candle sets, bamboo coasters etc.

So this way you can have a green wedding and you are sure to feel great about it while also spreading awareness! And you can do more… plan your honeymoon to a Wildlife destination and enjoy the beauty of nature!