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The Great Indian Wedding

Inter-cultural Marriage is like Two Worlds coming together!

While an inter-caste or inter-cultural marriage can be a lot of excitement and fun, it also involves several adjustments, space and above all… accepting. When two cultures, two communities, in a way two different worlds come together there is an extravagant welcome and an amicable relationship being built with happiness all around.

But as there is a possibility of mixing of cultures there is a possibility of clashes as well because marriage involves participation of complete families and not all of the people you come across will be of the same accepted wisdom. Some might have opposed the marriage strongly about which you may or may not know. So is it all about being nice out of respect and circumstantial reasons?

  • Don’t pretend for too long: Well initially this might be the reason for you to smile and agree to all that is being said but that is not the way life can be spent! Human nature does not allow anyone to pretend for a long time and in this case you need not be pretending.
  • Enjoy the Newness: The key is to enjoy the change! There would be so much to learn, the customs, rituals, lingo, and there will be so much to share… your childhood memories, your customs, grandma talks and more. Enjoy the newness of the relationships, the surroundings and the people.
  • Avoid negativity: It is important to stay aloof from any bad vibes as it might affect you more than it would have otherwise, especially because you would feel lonely in an alien territory!
  • Avoid sensitive issues: Avoid getting into arguments especially when it is with regard to certain beliefs or rituals. Senior people usually do not pay heed to any logics or explanations when it comes to faith so it is advisable not to get into that discussion.
  • Love conquers all: Be it your in-laws dislike for the way you dress or any habits or any other reason for conflict, all you need to remember is that you are in this relationship because you love him or her and the criticism, adjustment and understanding is worth it! Just keep the respect intact and let your spouse take care of the rest when it comes to in-laws.

Themes at Weddings

So you are thinking where to start from when it comes to wedding decoration? Well let us help you find a theme. Whites and Golden have been the default themes for most of the wedding we see but the selection of colour theme can bring a huge difference to the entire look of the place as well as your wedding album pictures!

  • Heaven on earth!

Pink is the colour of softness… Decorate the pillars, the walls, the chairs in pink and white! Get pink flowers and printed pink carpets. Do not try to mix another colour as a theme needs to be one single colour or idea so that it can strike at first look!

  • Love is in the air!

Go red… red balloons, red table cloth and chairs, red streamers and decor and red wine too! Red is love and love is beautiful! Bring the beauty of the love to the loveliest day of your life with a red theme!

  • Rusty Ambience!

This one is little unconventional but a sure surprise for all! Get wooden pillars, logs to sit on and leave everything rough!

  • Its a dream!

Blue is the ideal theme for summers… bring the cool look with sea blue or the dreamy look with dark blue. Get blue lights, blue seat covers, blue drinks and more!

Simply ask your wedding manager to stick of any of these themes of your choice and get a beautiful ambience for the special day!

Two Grand recent Weddings

Wedding bells are ringing as we saw a couple of celebrity weddings taking place recently.  A glimpse into the grandeur and style is what we get for you from these lavish weddings!

  • Sania weds Shoaib:

Well ! this was the most controversial marriage of the year or perhaps the decade! An Indian tennis player getting married to a Pakistani cricket player who was involved in match-fixing and allegedly already married too… that says it all! But at the end of the day what matters is that the couple did get married.

Sania was seen in a red Saree with golden work which worn by her mother 25 years ago at her wedding. What a copout! Leaving us nothing to appreciate or critique. Shoaib Malik was seen wearing a Shantanu & Nikhil creation, a black sherwani. They couple looked good together

For the sangeet, Sania wore a pink churidaar suit again by Shantanu and Nikhil while Shoaib wore a white sherwani. At the reception, Sania wore a cream and red traditional Hydrabadi suit while Shoaib was seen in a cream sherwani. This wedding had a Hydrabadi royal and Islamic theme.

  • Laila Khan weds Farhan Furniturewallah:

Now this one was one Bollywood fiesta! Laila Khan is the daughter of veteran actor Late Feroz Khan and Farhan is a businessman  who was earlier married to Pooja Bedi. A host of celebrities attended the wedding from Rekha, Amisha Patel, Dia Mirza to Aishwarya Rai and Celina Jaitley!

Laila’s outfit was designed by her mother Sundari Khan. She wore a green ghagra choli for the wedding and a golden gown with loads of glitter for the reception. Farhan wore a black suit and a black shirt in cashmere silk for the reception. This one was a true Bollywood style wedding!

The best caterer for your wedding reception!

Caterers are often considered as the heart of a wedding reception. If the selection of menu and the taste of food is appetizing, your guests will leave the wedding satisfied as well as with fond memories.

On the other hand, if you choose a caterer who is not skilled in his work, your guest will remember this fact, no matter how special and graceful the rest of the elements of the wedding were.

So the big question is, how will you find a skilled caterer for your wedding?

One of the best ways to find a caterer is to talk to those friends or known ones who are already married and share their experiences. You can also ask other professionals you are using who they would recommend.

The skilled wedding professionals will always recommend people who are easy to work with and deliver top quality products rather than those who will give them a portion of their fee.

Apart from this, you must examine the caterer before hiring one by asking various questions. Ask them to suggest you some menu items and the cost per person.
Ask your caterer about any particular type of food or special menu items that he/ she specialises in?

It is always advised to hire the best, even if you have to spend extra. Let me suggest you some well known caterers in the city: Gola Caterers, Tandoori Nights, Bittoo Tikki Wala (for chaat) and many more.

D & A Patent black leather shoes

It’s been said that a guys shoe play a vital role on his d’ day. Therefore it should be perfect in order to make him look absolutely impressive.

No matter, how impressive one’s suit is, if his shoes are not striking, he is incomplete.

There are a variety of leather shoes available in the market these days, but black leather patent shoes are the most demanded and impressive footwear of them all.

D & A introduces patent leather shoes collection that can be the perfect footwear for your special occasion. If you are a groom and you would like something that is a bit more comfortable, this is it.

Pair these shiny and handsome looking shoes with your wedding tuxedos and you are all set to win the hearts of millions.

One of the best features about these shoes is the glossy blue print on the top of the shoes. The unique blue and black combination makes these shoes great footwear.

Not just this, you can wear these shoes at other informal occasions too.

So what are you waiting for, rush your nearest D & A store and avail this superb looking footwear and look absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

Before Marriage Spa session- A big relief

Not just pretty enough to be a bride. There are various things that need to be done in order to keep an aura of elegance reflected in the bride’s d’ day. One very important thing out of all is the pre- wedding spa session.

The treatment not just offers physical beauty, but the balance of mind, body and soul as well.

Comprehensive treatment before your marriage is definitely a major influence on the day and out of them, physical fitness, calm mind and soul are the necessities to enter a new phase of life.

There are number of spa centres in the town that offers relaxing spa sessions such as: Amatrra Spa, Club Olympus Spa in Hyatt Hotel, Tejas Spa at Taj Hotel and many more.

Besides this, there are number of spa centres that offer some great discount packages to the wedding couple as well.

Pre- wedding treatment has become indispensable for both bride and groom. The treatment is divided into several sessions, one session per week and two sessions at last approaching days.

Organising a Hen Party for the Bride

Organising a  rocking hen party for your soon-to-be-wed girlfriend is very important. This is because it is the very last time she will be enjoying a party with her friends as a bachelorette.

Let me help you in organising the best bachelorette party for the bride.

With all the experience I have gathered from my hen party, I have found that there are a lot of things that needs to be perfect in order to organise a perfect hen party.

If you have been asked to be a Bridesmaid, you need to keep a check on things like the activities you will want to host, the food and drinks you want to keep and dancing (which is the most important things to set).

Most hen parties these days take place in some form of afternoon activity so that everyone can get to know each other. Karting, eat out; paintball, painting etc are a few things to mention.

After the activities, comes the meal part. This is where the fun begins. You can organise a meal in a nice restaurant for all the girls around the table. Keep in mind to book the bride’s favourite restaurant (She will surely love it).

Eating out is not the only plan. Is it? There are number of hen- party games that can be played before, during as well as after the meals. These games are the best way to get the gang laughing and entertained.

After the meal, you can take the bride and the group at a night club for a ladies night out. Isn’t that a day full of fun?

These are some of the useful tips that can make your bride’s day. Apart from this, you also have an option to hire the services of various party planners that can assist you in organising a great hen party. Some well known names are: Showmakerz, innovative ideaz, Black riders etc.

Don’t forget to carry a gift for the bride to make her feel really delighted.