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Sabyasachi captures the essence of Traditional clothing!

While some may think fashion is all about skin show and skimpy outfits… there are some who beg to differ! We are talking about Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the infamous Indian designer who made a mark in the world of fashion by retaining the essence of traditional clothing and proving himself on the standards of contemporary fashion.

Sabyaachi has set up his first flagship store in the NCR at Mehrauli.  The designer has feathers of success like Paa, Aishwarya Rais’s look on Opera Winfrey’s show, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzarish and many more to count! Sabyasachi’s bridal collection, better known as Bridal Sutra is the most awaited show each year at the Lakme Fashion Week!

Sabyasachi has been designing for Bollywood for quite many years and most recently he has been working on Aishwarya Rais’s look for her forthcoming movie Raavana. His fan list has big names like Rani Mukherjee but one of the most remarkable achievements of Sabyasachi has been the reincarnation of Vidya Balan as a fashion diva! The actress who was officially labelled “Worst Dressed” not much time back has now become one amongst the most well dressed and stylish celebrities. The credit goes to the designer who made it possible for her!

Sabyasachi’s designs are ruled by Golden and deep colours that adds to the enigma of a woman and brings about the true Indian beauty dressed with royalty and vanity! Antique work, thick borders and contrasting shades are the designer’s style. The designer admits that red and bottle green are his favourite colours and no wonder we get to see most of these in bridal wear! Sabyasachi sticks to natural fabrics and loved designing in textures and embroidery.



The seven vows

An Indian Wedding is the union of two souls, two individuals and two families who come together to bring a whole new direction to the life of the bride, the groom and the families. The rituals that Indian marriages have mostly signify the purity and sacredness of the relationship that is being formed between the bride and groom.

The seven vows of a Hindu marriage are the most sacred part of the wedding ceremony because these are the seven promises the couple makes to each other in the presence of Lord holding the holy fire as witness to their commitment.

Each vow has a meaning and significance, these are the seven basic oaths directed towards a happy marriage.

  • The first promise the couple makes is that of providing a prosperous living to the family they will look after and avoid all hindrances.
  • The second promise is that of living a healthy lifestyle by developing their mental, physical and spiritual powers.
  • The third promise is that of earning wealth by righteous means and increasing it manifold.
  • Fourth promise is to acquire happiness and harmony and preserve the mutual love, understanding and respect for each other.
  • The fifth promise is to grow their family with a prayer of being blessed with righteous, obedient, honest and brave children whom they will be taking good care of.
  • The seventh promise is that of preserving the longevity of the marital relationship and the prayer for self control and tolerance.
  • The last promise is to be true and loyal to each other and stay as companions and best friends for lifetime. To stand by each other in good or bad times.

These seven promises bind the two individuals in one strong bond of love, faith and eternity.