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What makes Saree the most sensual drape?

What is so special about the Indian traditional attire that it makes a woman look so desirable and elegant? Saree is worn by women at everyday events, functions and weddings and we even see Bollywood actresses wearing the 9 yards long drape to look their best at various award functions. Infact, we saw Nandita Das,  Kajol and more recently Deepika Padukone wearing a Saree at international film festivals too with an extra feel of representing India..

The crux of the debate is the versatility of the garment. The Saree preserves the Indian heritage of dressing modestly and yetthere are various ways in which Saree can be worn to give you different looks! We see politicians, officials, and social workers wear Sarees to look traditional and subtle while the same costume draped differently can make her look voluptuous and sensational!

Sarees can be found in various fabrics and styles. While a cotton Saree is for a subtle look, chiffon and georgette Sarees can accentuate your shape with their clinging drape.. Silk sarees are preferred for occasions and mainly used in South India while Banarasi sarees are known for their royalty and elegance.

The Marathi bride wears a traditional green Saree with red border which is a part of the customs in the region. So we see Saree is an integral part of the Indian culture and undoubtedly the best way to dress for any occasion… so next time you are confused about what to wear for a wedding… you have the answer ready!