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Kiss away the Bridal Blues!

There are a zillion things to worry about when wedding is around the corner but you really can’t afford to miss out on the most special days of your life! Let the worries fly and we’ll help you do this…

  • Be a part of the fun: So while your friends and cousins sing and dance and you are one of the many people sitting around clapping and staring at them? Well then you need to get up and join! It is important to be a part of the pre wedding celebrations and don’t forget this is all happening for you! You are the reason and you deserve to enjoy every bit of it.
  • Dress up for every day: You did spend hours deciding what to wear for the wedding but you need to do the same for the other days as well… give yourself the importance that a to-be bride deserves and look into every minute detail for hat you will be wearing at mehndi, sangeet, engagement and all pre wedding functions to be. Dress to your best because these re the memories you will look back to very often and this is the time you can enjoy being the celebrity!
  • Don’t get scared: Agony aunts, frustrated creatures and various other elements of the society may come to you with all sorts of advices, warnings, objections and suggestions. Give due respect to what they say but do not let anything affect you! Nothing can go wrong because Mrs so and so feels it will! Have faith in your relationship and your personality. You cannot pretend for too long in the new environment you are going to be in so don’t even try. Be yourself and believe in yourself!

The last few days when you are at the crossroads of marriage, the heart seems to be filled with mixed emotions. The best way to deal with this is to actively participate in all that is going around… the fun the songs the games and these days will soon turn into everlasting memories!


Would you want Karan Johar to design for your wedding?

After designing clothes for his close friend and superstar Shah Rukh Khan for over twelve years, Karan Johar swept all by surprise as he entered into full fledged costume designing last year with his clothing line launch at HDIL India Couture Week. After huge successes in direction and film production, Karan has added another feather to his cap with a remarkably good collection. The show was a huge success, as expected and the most memorable part of it was to see SRk walking with his beloved wife Gauri Khan on the ramp sporting a KJo creation!

After a gap of about five months, Karan stormed back with his fresh lot! Karan Johar and Varun Bahl revealed their latest menswear collection at Aza in Mumbai last month. The suits are chic and wearable for formal and casual events as well as by the grooms!

The collection was consisting of all basic men’s pallete ingredients like Whites, Grey, Blue, Black and Beige. The subtle suits were paired with bright shirts and ties which balanced the look of the collection!

The evening saw quite a few celebrities who embraced the launch with their presence to encourage the fresh duo! Rahul Khanna, Qeenie Dhodhy and a couple of designers were seen.

The collection is available with Aza boutique in Mumbai. So if it has been your dream to look just the way Shahrukh did in his movies, you got a chance here!

Bridal Jewellery spells Gitanjali!

In the world of Bridal Jewellery, Gitanjali has given us numerous brands that match the taste and choice of every bride! Let us take a look at the various brands under the umbrella of Gitanjali and what is special in each for you!

Nakshatra: This one is surely the most popular amongst all the brands, partially because of the brand ambassador controversies surrounding it and mostly because the collection is such that appeals to all segments of the society! Imaginative designs, detailed craftsmanship and gleaming attraction is what makes this collection the perfect choice!

DDamas: Indian aesthetics taken to the international level… D’damas is the joint brand of Gitanjali and Dubai based D’Damas brand. This brand offers delicate collection in diamond studded gold jewellery, ideal for bridal shopping.

Sangini: This one will help you find the right anniversary gift! The collection has beautiful rings and pendants designed as a cluster of small round diamonds in a gold base.

Asmi: This is the brand that celebrates womanhood and pledges to adorn the new age Indian woman. The jewellery has a delicate and feminine look that adds a delicate touch to the strength and grace of a strong woman.

Rivaaz: if you look for light weight delicate designs… this is the brand for you! 18k gold jewellery with signity cubic zirconia. Ethnic yet modern… that is the essence of the collection!

Gili: Gili was the first Indian Jewellery Brand launched in 1994 that redefined the jewellery paradigm from an occasional need to the need for every occasion! The collection mostly has modern fine-looking designs for casual wear!

Other brands under the Gitanjali umbrella are Diya, Lucera, Calgaro, Stefan hafner, Maya, Kashvi, Desire and Rosatto.

So if you are on a look out for bridal jewellery or even for other occasions… you know exactly where to drop in!


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The seven vows

An Indian Wedding is the union of two souls, two individuals and two families who come together to bring a whole new direction to the life of the bride, the groom and the families. The rituals that Indian marriages have mostly signify the purity and sacredness of the relationship that is being formed between the bride and groom.

The seven vows of a Hindu marriage are the most sacred part of the wedding ceremony because these are the seven promises the couple makes to each other in the presence of Lord holding the holy fire as witness to their commitment.

Each vow has a meaning and significance, these are the seven basic oaths directed towards a happy marriage.

  • The first promise the couple makes is that of providing a prosperous living to the family they will look after and avoid all hindrances.
  • The second promise is that of living a healthy lifestyle by developing their mental, physical and spiritual powers.
  • The third promise is that of earning wealth by righteous means and increasing it manifold.
  • Fourth promise is to acquire happiness and harmony and preserve the mutual love, understanding and respect for each other.
  • The fifth promise is to grow their family with a prayer of being blessed with righteous, obedient, honest and brave children whom they will be taking good care of.
  • The seventh promise is that of preserving the longevity of the marital relationship and the prayer for self control and tolerance.
  • The last promise is to be true and loyal to each other and stay as companions and best friends for lifetime. To stand by each other in good or bad times.

These seven promises bind the two individuals in one strong bond of love, faith and eternity.

The grandest weddings India has seen

There have been some lavish Indian wedding during the recent years, let us take a look at the big fat Indian weddings!

Mittal steels the show!

Enrolled in the “billionair weddings” as the “grandest wedding affair of the century by Forbes magazine” this wedding made Vanisha Mittal an overnight celebrity! She is the daughter of the multi billionaire Laxmi Nivas Mittal. The wedding took place in France in 2004 and the wedding celebrations lasted for six days!

Quich facts:

  • The engagement was held at Palace of Versailles where French King Louis XIV held court in 17th century!
  • The wedding invitation cards were of 20 pages and put in a silver box!
  • 12 Boeing jets were hired for the guests to reach the venue and bookings were done in 5-star hotels!
  • 45 professional cooks were hired!
  • Total cost was estimated more than $60 million!
  • Vanisha got married to an investment banker named Amit Bhatia.

Vikram Chatwal’s extravagant wedding

This was the big fat Sikh wedding in 2006. The famous scion of Hampshire hotels chain got married to well-known model Priya Chatwal. The wedding was an epitome of splendid magnificence that took place at Udaipur and went on for seven days! The couple arranged for a Pakeezah white party followed by a fantasia masked party at Jagmandir Island. The marriage function was larger than life, with extravagant decoration and guest list including Naomi Campbell, Prince of Iran, Mittals, Prince of Greece along with performance by Shiamak Dawar! This wedding caught headlines for quite a while!

Other weddings that grabbed headlines have been Raveena Tondon and Anil Thadani’s royal wedding at Udaipur and Arun Nair and Liz Hurley’s much talked about wedding again in Udaipur!

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Wedding palki

Did you always have a dream of sitting in a doli and going to your bridal? Now when the wedding bells are ringing… why not relive the dream in reality!

Doli or palki is the old Indian traditional human-powered vehicle which was used by women for travelling. There used to be four men carrying the doli from the four ends while the woman used to sit inside with curtains around. it was a symbolic tradition at weddings but as the use of palki diminished, the custom faded too and cars overtook the palki. But dolis are still used for royal weddings or even in plays which depict that era.

And the best part is that there are companies that still make the royal carrier and these are also available for hire. So you can actually live the life of a princess on your wedding!

The Doli can be custom made, which could be a little expensive and will also require you enough space to preserve it later. You can place an order at VDI Exports:

The second way is to hire it for the wedding, check this link for details:

So get yourself the royal treatment for your wedding and be the princess!

Wedding anxiety

As the d-day approaches rapidly you are bound to have those mixed feelings irrespective of whether if it is a love marriage or an arranged one! Do not feel lost because there are ways to overcome that anxiety.

Wedding is the time when you hear everybody around talking and thinking about the same topic morning, day and night! Some worries, some preparations, some confusions and a lot of discussion. There will be times when you feel exhausted maybe mentally or emotionally, this is when you need to take some time off!

Go back to what it used to be and take the help of your best friend…  call up your best friend and ask her to come out with you and before you hang up the call, ask her to promise you that she won’t talk about the marriage! And leave her wondering what happened! Cheesiness also makes you feel better!

Dress casually, go out and meet your friend. You are bound to have a hearty laugh once she knows what this was all about… have a good eat out session and watch a movie together after some shopping which is not at all related to the wedding and simply unwind! Let your anxieties fly away with driving, music and the girl talk and within minutes you’ll find your mind and heart freed of the burden of fretfulness!

So fight the wedding blues and refresh your mind!